Breadfruit seeds (Artocarpus altilis ) tropical fruit tree 20 fresh seeds


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Breadfruit seeds are the reproductive units of the Breadfruit tree (Artocarpus altilis). While the primary method of propagation for Breadfruit is through vegetative means, such as stem cuttings, the seeds also play a role in the tree’s reproduction and can be used for growing new plants.

Breadfruit seeds are typically large and brown, with a hard outer coat. They are enclosed within the fleshy interior of the mature Breadfruit fruit. When the fruit ripens, it releases numerous seeds that can be collected for planting purposes.

To germinate Breadfruit seeds, it is important to remove the outer seed coat, as it can be quite tough and impede germination. This can be done by gently cracking the seed coat or soaking the seeds in warm water for a few hours before planting. Once the seed coat is removed, the seeds can be sown in a well-draining potting mix or directly in the ground.

Breadfruit seeds require warmth and moisture for successful germination. It is recommended to keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Germination typically occurs within a few weeks, and the young seedlings can be transplanted to a larger container or their permanent planting location once they have developed a strong root system.

It’s important to note that growing Breadfruit from seeds can be a bit challenging, as the resulting plants may not necessarily retain the exact characteristics of the parent tree. For this reason, many growers prefer vegetative propagation methods to ensure the offspring closely resemble the desired traits.

In conclusion, Breadfruit seeds are an option for propagating new Breadfruit trees, although vegetative methods such as stem cuttings are more commonly employed. With proper preparation and care, Breadfruit seeds can germinate and produce young seedlings that can eventually grow into mature, fruit-bearing trees.


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