Avocado Long Neck (Persea Americana)


“Discover the Avocado Tree: A Marvel of Nature’s Bounty and Beauty | Persea Americana – Lauraceae Family | Evergreen Canopy, Lush Foliage, and Delicious Creamy Avocados”


The avocado tree is a well-liked fruit tree that produces tasty and healthful avocados. As Persea americana in science, it is a member of the Lauraceae family. Although avocado trees are indigenous to Central and South America, they are currently grown all over the world for their delicious, creamy fruits.

Evergreen avocado trees have a spreading canopy that offers plenty of shade, and they can grow to a height of 40 feet (12 meters) or more. The oval-shaped, glossy, leathery leaves make for a visually appealing foliage display. The tree bears tiny, frequently undetectable greenish-yellow blossoms.

Of course, the fruit is the true star of the avocado tree. Avocado avocados are big berries with a protective layer on the outside that can

Plant Size 10-18 inch
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