Cacao live Plant (Theobroma cacao) Cocoa Chocolate tree


“Bring the essence of chocolate to life with live Cacao plants (Theobroma cacao). Cultivate your own source of cocoa beans and embark on a delightful journey from tree to treat.


Theobroma cacao, commonly known as cacao, is a petite tropical tree originating from the lush Amazon basin in South America. Its claim to fame lies in being the primary source of cocoa beans, essential for crafting chocolate and an array of cocoa-infused delights.

This evergreen beauty reaches heights of 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters), adorned with glossy, sizable leaves and vibrant flowers that bloom directly on its trunk or branches. These blossoms eventually transform into sizable, football-shaped pods housing the coveted cacao beans, snug within a sweet, pulpy interior.

Harvested and processed, these beans undergo fermentation and drying to mature their distinctive flavors, culminating in the creation of cocoa powder and the diverse spectrum of chocolate products—from bars and truffles to baking cocoa.

Thriving in warm, humid climates, cacao demands well-draining soil and a penchant for partial shade, as it naturally thrives beneath taller trees. Adequate watering and protection from strong winds are vital, while periodic pruning aids in maintaining its form and encouraging optimal airflow.

A captivating historical tidbit: Cacao boasts a rich cultural legacy, revered by ancient civilizations. The Maya and Aztec societies treasured cacao beans as valuable commodities, even utilizing them as a form of currency. Notably, the term “cacao” finds its roots in the Nahuatl word “cacahuatl,” eventually evolving into the English term “cocoa.”

In essence, cacao stands as a captivating tropical marvel, gifting us the cherished cocoa beans—the heart of chocolate. Its distinctive flavors and fragrances continue to delight chocolate enthusiasts worldwide, whether relished as an opulent treat or incorporated into culinary creations. Cacao embodies an integral part of our culinary heritage, offering indulgent pleasures and adding a touch of bliss to our lives.

Plant Size 10-20 inch
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